American Hollow Cut Silhouette of Gentleman Circa 1810
  • Offering a very dapper American hollow cut silhouette with ink used to enhance the curly hair atop his head and his stock and ruffled shirt. He is from the Collection of Marty & the late Dan Campanelli. The Campanellis were two of the first regular clients I (Peggy) had to my website when it first debuted many years ago. I so enjoyed talking to them by phone, explaining the pieces that interested them in great detail. You see, the Campanellis never had a computer while I knew them although they were great researchers. They did all their computer work at their local library. I was fascinated that two people who loved research and antiquing so much didn’t want a computer in their house. Marty told me that they would never get anything done if the computer was at home. They were more than happy to look at my website at their library and bring home questions to discuss by phone. I loved working with them and am so happy that Randy and I were able to acquire several silhouettes from their collection. Generally, we take everything in a frame out of the frame when we get it home to clean, check and add archival materials. We did not take these silhouettes out of the frames because the labels told us all we needed to know. We know that if the Campanellis said the framing was conserved, it is, in fact, conserved. This gent resides in a period brass frame that has been overpainted in gold and measures 5 ¼” x 4 ½”. The Campanelli label says "Hollow cut with ink embellished hair. Unknown American artist. Unknown sitter. Circa 1800-1810. Second, uncut profile of same sitter is inside of frame. Photo of it is in catalog, Conservation framed." We did not get to see the notebook and considered opening the frame to photograph the second silhouette but decided to let it stay closed. It looks like the paper might have had light cleaning.

    #7277     $295

    Provenance: Collection of Marty & the late Dan Campanelli