Folk Art

Antique Watercolor of Fanciful Bird
  • A fanciful, colorful watercolor of a bird in a great red and black striped paint decorated frame. I don’t recognize the type of bird and I suspect it is pure fantasy. It has a hooked beak and a small crest atop his blue head. His body feathers are red with green on his wing tips and his tail. He appears to be painted partially with stencils (like a theorem) with detail added with a brush. He perches on a leafless shrub or stump. His colors are so glorious that I’ve chosen a period paint decorated frame with red and black stripes and a wonderful dry surface to bring out the red of the bird’s feathers. Framed size is 8 7/8” x 12 3/8”. Both the painting and frame are 1850. The painting is likely a school girl or young lady practicing her artwork skills.

    #4671    $350