Paint Decoration

Antique Paint Decorated Book Box with Flowers
  • I have a small collection of book boxes and have had this one for quite a few years.  But, it is a bit big for my collection of mostly miniature boxes so I'm offering it for your holiday shopping.  And what a great holiday gift it would be!  The front, back and binding (drawer front) are grain painted and some lovely yellow and pumpkin-colored flowers with green leaves are painted on the front cover of the "book".  I think the flowers look a bit like lily of the valley, although I've never seen yellow lily of the valley and these are not exactly the right shape.  Let's call them lovely American Country flowers!  The original finish is wonderfully dry and honest.  The box has a brass lock escutcheon but the locking mechanism is long-gone and has been replaced with a make-do wood insert repair.  The drawer is made with butt construction but I can only find one nail, which is a small square nail that appears to have been used for a drawer repair.  As you can see from the photos, there is honest wear to the paint and to the drawer front and sides where it has been used as intended.  The box measures 13" x 11 x 2 1/2".  Circa 1850.

    (#4103)    $475