Early American Crewel Pocketbook
  • This is one of three American needlework pocketbooks that came out of a house in Massachusetts. Each of the wallet or pocketbooks beautifully represents a different decade of our history. This pocketbook is a fabulous find in wonderful condition. “Crewel” is not a design or style – it is defined by its use of wool thread. In fact “crewel” is an old Welsh word meaning wool. It is generally more of a free-style of embroidery and can use any kind of stitch. This 18th century crewelwork wallet or pocketbook is in beautiful condition, which is a rarity by itself. The needlework was lovingly done for "BP" who is identified on the inside. Wool thread totally fills the canvas support and depicts a meandering vine of flowers, leaves and stems. It is lined with tan linen and has handloomed brown linen tape handstitched to the edge. It opens to one pocket. The pocketbook measures 4 ½” tall x 6 7/8” wide when closed. It is 6 7/8” x 7 ½” when opened. Excellent condition with a few missing stitches where the tape is sewed to the backing in one area—see photo. 1780-1810.

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