Antique Silhouette, Reverse Painted by Hinton Gibbs in Jewelry Setting
  • This reverse-painted on glass silhouette pendant is firmly attributed to Hinton Gibbs (active late 1790s to circa 1822).  Who else could do that lovely scratch detail work on a reverse painted silhouette? I’ve not had a Gibbs in a pendant before. She is mounted above what appears to be the original silk fabric. There is a tiny bit of paint loss in the collar and on her nose.....really not noticeable unless you are inspecting it. The locket is gold-toned metal....possibly brass, definitely not gold. The reverse is a monogram “DITH” with lovely metal work around it. This may be gold plated because I would think that brass may have discolored the silk by now. The pendant frame is 3” x 2 ½”, not counting the hanger (which adds another ½” to the height). A later round loop has been added that allows you to hang it on the wall.  The fact that this lovely it is in an original jewelry setting makes this silhouette by an already-desirable artist even more desirable.  Circa 1815.

    (#5293)     $1350

    Please see the Silhouettist Bios page for more information about Hinton Gibbs.