Profile of a Stylish Painted Lady
  • Oh, she is so close to perfect! A beautiful lady with her best Apollo knot hairstyle with the knot held by a huge hair comb and the curls around her face separated with a hairband. Long gold drop earrings accentuate her long, lovely neck. Her translucent chemisette is held at her throat by a large broach. All of these fashions date the lady to circa 1830. She resides in a beautiful wide, canted veneered wood frame with a flat edge and a stepped inner edge against a stepped gilt liner. The wood might be rosewood. She would be perfect but some misguided owner glued her to the frame backing board. At this point, the paper is still white and untouched by acid-staining. Perhaps you have a conservator who can remove her from the board, or perhaps you can enjoy her for your lifetime as is and let someone in the future worry about it. Framed size is 8" x 9 1/4" with a sight size of 2 5/8" x 4 1/8". She is a really lovely circa 1830 package and a really good price. Someone you know would love to find her in a stocking!

    #6997    $250