Folk Silhouette of Woman Wearing Ruffed Collar
  • American folk silhouette of a woman with a hollow cut head over a painted dress. She has a beautifully cut profile with tiny cut eyelash and a small curl cut in front of her high haircomb. The artist either used India ink or very black watercolor for the curls atop and to the back of her head. Her dress is also very black which makes a wonderful contrast to the drawn ruffed collar (aka Vandyke collar) that it outlined and shaded with a very light touch. Her hairstyle, the ruffed collar and the fact that her sleeves are not too ginormous all lead to a date of circa 1825. She resides in a period stamped brass over wood oval frame that measures 4” x 4.75”. Condition of the silhouette is good with a bit of waviness to the paper and slight toning. The frame is in very good condition but if you look very closely at an enlarged photo, there seems to be a tiny crack in the brass straight up from the back edge of her haircomb.

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