Folk Art

Antique Folk Art Carving of Seated Woman -- Likely Done by Figurehead Carver
  • I'm so excited to offer this fantastic 19th century polychrome carving of a seated woman.  The detail and nature of the work appears to be by a carver of ship figureheads.  This fabulously detailed woman is in a seated position and was originally part of a larger piece, probably including a spinning wheel.  Her arms are articulated so that it appears that she originally raised her arms up and down while the wheel was spinning.  Her head also has a slight bit of movement.  The detail of her hair is wonderful, carved to depict individual hair strands, pulled back to a plaited knot low to the back of her head.  She wears a light blue hair band.  The detail to her hands is also stunning.  Her dress has a tight bodice, dropping to a V below her natural waistline.  The skirt has three flounces, a tucker, lace collar, ribbon tied below the neck, and lace sleeve cuffs.  Her sleeves are tight from the shoulder to the wrist.  Her dress is midnight blue with black flounces and white paint indicating embroidery or lace enhancements to the dress.  Part of one cuff has wood loss as you can see in the photos.  Her paint has wonderful wear, especially to the face and hands.  There is a small piece of missing wood at the back of her collar (see photos).  She sits upon a reproduction fan back Windsor that has some age, but probably just a few decades.  It is, however, very well crafted.  The lady is about 6 1/2" tall when seated x 5 1/4 from the chair back legs to the tip of her skirt.  She sits in the chair comfortably, but not is not terribly stable (place her where she won't be jostled too much).  The clothing indicates circa 1840, but I'll conservatively attribute her to the last half of the 19th century.  Found in Maine.  A must for your folk art collection of carvings or your nautical collection.

    (#5174)     $2250