Folk Art

Folk Art Watercolor of Dapper Young Couple
  • This is one of those watercolor folk portraits that hooks you to folk art and makes you do a happy dance! This dandy couple will make a great addition to any collection. The painting was saved with extremely good, professional conservation. It is laid down on conservation paper (possibly rice paper or vellum). Scattered small restored holes, mostly along edges and some repaired tears. All apologies require close inspection to see. We are showing all restoration areas in close-up detail—we guarantee that you see these areas much better in the photos than you will in person—photography always accentuates any issues. In a period black painted frame that measures framed 10 7/8” x 14 ½”, with a sight size of 7 7/8” x 11 ½”. American School. Circa 1840. This is a great one!

    #7143    $3250