Folk Art

Shell Decorated Frame with Image of Folk Portrait
  • This frame is a fun and funky piece of folk art created to repurpose a period but problem frame. It was sold to us as having a graphite portrait in it but in reality, it is some type of photographic image of a folk portrait—what I call 2nd generation images. But, the story here is the frame which is gorgeous with it’s shells. It appears to be a period brass over wood frame—those frames can be a problem when the brass pulls off the wood backing. The artist of this piece found the perfect solution to reuse the period frame by decorating it with shells! The frame includes this wonderfully bubbly glass that doesn’t really fit the frame opening so that too has been artistically engineered for reuse. I don’t know when this folk art was all put together but the picture has been behind this glass long enough that the difference in UV light coming through the big glass bubble has made a slight difference in the toning of the picture. Framed size is 4.5” x 5.5”. Fun, folky and altogether vintage if not antique.

    Inv. #7262    $375