Sepia Painted Brooch of Maiden With Fruit Basket. Circa 1780.
  • Lovely 18th century sentimental brooch with sepia painting of a maiden leaning on her fruit basket as she ponders the world, or her love interest, or whatever attribute you'd like to give her serious thoughts.  The lozenge shaped brooch is rose gold plated with a c-clasp to the back.  The clasp side (just the c-part) may have been added later although it really seems to be of the same age.  The convex glass lens is framed by either a gilt metal slip of gilt reverse painting on the glass (it looks to me as if it is reverse painted, but I'm not positive).  There are slight scratches to the glass lens although you see them in this greatly enlarged photo than in real life.  The sepia colored watercolor is enhanced with bits of chopped hair.  1 5/16" x 3/4".  Circa 1780.  This early brooch is much better in person than I can portray with my camera.

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