Paint Decoration

Antique Paint Decorated Swedish Bride's Box or Sevpask in Rare Blue Colors
  • This is a really fantastic early 19th century sevpask or bride's box from Northern Sweden.  This exceptionally rare color makes this box a real find!  The two different shades of blue are vivid and bright.  The darker blue is a faux grain, painted with a sponging method.  The box has great, squared-off tongues held together with twig or reed laces.  This is a heavy box, made for sturdy use.  Much like the German bride's boxes that have been heavily collected in Americana collections, these Swedish boxes were often given as bridal gifts for bride's to store pieces of their trousseau.  Like the German boxes, these Swedish boxes were also used as storage for many other items such as pantry items, wigs, hats, Christening gowns and even physicians' supplies.

    The box measures 19" x 11" x 9".  Condition is very good but not perfect.  Indeed, I would worry about the authenticity of the box if it were in perfect condition.  The bottom board has cracked down the center from age and is somewhat loose fitting.  There are expected scuffs to the paint.  Some of the wood pins are missing and there is some minor splitting in the wood around the edges.  All apologies are extremely minor for such a great box.  I'm offering you three pages of photos so that you can see all the details of the box.  You will find links to the continuing photos at the bottom of this page and later pages.

    I can't say enough about this fantastic box and its rare and spectacular original paint color.  Don't miss it!

    (#508)     $2750