Paint Decoration

Paint Decorated Treen Small Compote or Large Goblet
  • I envision this beautiful paint decorated treen on a shelf or table, spilling over with greenery. It is simple, elegant and beautiful with its red paint with black dots. I don’t know whether to call it a compote (because it is quite small for a compote) or goblet (because it is quite large for a goblet). The patina inside and on the bottom is spectacular and well loved. There are 4 hard-to-see hairline cracks in the bowl that appear to have been repaired. I believe that the painted surface was applied after those repairs, probably in the early 20th century. The treen piece 4 ¾” tall, 4 ½” diameter at the top and a 3 ¾” diameter base. The creation of the treen piece is likely early 19th century. This is a really beautiful piece of well-loved treen.

    #6805    $750