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Classic Redware Jar with Unusual and Beautiful Burl Lid
  • Lovely redware jar with Manganese decoration. A former owner made this beautiful burl top for the jar. The lid must have been made when the jar was young because it has warped with age. The redware has various chips to the glaze and a couple of chips to the foot so please look at the photos carefully. The photos are deceiving in that it looks like only the top half of the jar is glazed. This is an illusion caused by reflection from the white platform on which it sat for photography. We tried various ways of photographing but all came with their own problems. If you look at the photos of the jar laying on its side, you will see that the glaze is even all over. The jar stands 7 5/8” tall with a top diameter of 7” including handles, 6” to the outside edge of the lip. With the burl top, the full height is 8 ¾” and the diameter of the burl lid is 6”.

    #6724    $550