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Scarce Double-Sided Butter Print
  • This is a hard to find double sided, hand-carved treen butter print (aka butter press) that we bought locally as part of a small collection. The print has a wheat sheaf on one end and a cow on the other. The treen is totally hand-carved to fit comfortably in the hand. The chisel marks are evident but well-worn from daily use which left a soft patina. The treen is 3 ½” tall x 2 ¼” diameter on the end with the cow and 2 ¾” diameter on the wheat end. We find it quite creative that the maker left each end a slightly different size so that the person who used it daily knew whether she was picking it up to use the cow or the wheat end by touch or sight as it stood up on her shelf. There is one tiny crack at the bottom of the cow’s torso—seems most likely that it was caused by a slip of the carving knife. Late 19th to early 20th century.

    Inv. #6760    $275