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Well-Loved Butter Press with Thistle or Pineapple
  • This turned treen butter print (aka butter press) shows a deeply carved design of a thistle or possibly a pineapple. We like to think of it as a pineapple which was an early symbol of hospitality. Leaving the impression of a pineapple on butter would certainly make dinner guests feel welcome. It is beautifully carved and has a lollipop handle. It has two large two good-sized cracks and one hairline at edge. There are also tiny cracks through-out which testifies to its daily use as dairy is very drying to wood. The white spots are also likely from daily exposure to dairy which also bleaches wood. The entire piece is 3” tall x 3 3/8" diameter of the face. Late 19th to early 20th century.

    Inv. #6762    $125