Antique Pewter Dutch Tea Urn With Exceptional Original Japanned Paint Decoration. Circa 1750
  • I am so excited to offer this exquisite and rare 18th century Queen Anne pewter tea urn with original japanned decoration.  The painted decoration is extremely fine and the colors remain bright and beautiful.  Japanning originated in the 17th century by Europeans who wanted to imitate Japanese lacquerwork used on furniture.  Japanning quickly began to be used on metal for its decorative qualities as well as its protective qualities for metal that was prone to rust, such as tinware.  Occasionally, we find these magnificent tea urns with remnants of the original japanned decoration.  Never have I seen one with such stunning paint decoration still in place.  The pot-belly is decorated with gilt birds amidst a spray of flowers and foliage.  The top of each curved leg is decorated with a foliate spray.  Floral and foliate bouquets dance around the top of the body and the wonderfully shaped lid.  The beautifully shaped legs end with upturned toes that sit atop original wooden ball feet.  The original brass key is also wonderfully shaped as is the original brass lattice-work burner and tray (which sits atop its own original wooden ball feet).  It stands 17 1/2" tall, is in beautiful condition (just a tiny waviness to the lid edge) and has an insignificant amount of paint restoration.  I'm happy to send you before and after restoration photos.  You'll never find another with such beautiful original decoration!  Don't miss it!

    (#4275)     $1150