Antique Pewter Muffineer, Sugar Sifter or Pepper Shaker - 4
  • Today I'm listing a collection of pewter muffineers, sugar sifters or pepper shakers (generally different names for the same thing except pepper shakers tend to have smaller, round wholes).  They are being listed and priced separately, but the last photo of each listing will show you the whole group....just in case you are ready for a whole collection!

    Late 18th century pepper shaker with an urn shaped body and a flat top.  The foot has a single step at the very edge.  The top has a double step where it meets the body.  The top is cracked at the bottom ede but still screws on and off.  The top is bent at the base of the applied finial.  5 3/4" tall x 2 1/4" base diameter.  No visible touchmarks.  Several dings scattered through the body and overall light pitting.  Continental, circa 1790.

    (#5201)    $100