Pewter Punch Set
  • This assembled pewter set would make a dramatic statement in a dining room or parlor setting with its tall bowl, six matching beakers, and ladle. All feature classic pairs of dual reeded circles on the rims and sides. The half-pint beakers are dramatically flared and bear a low-country (Benelux) mark with the initials “IVE” below what appears to be an angel carrying a staff (see the closeup photo). The set is also struck with numbers 1 through 6 (although #5 is not struck). While we have not been able to identify the mark, the three initials tell us it is continental and the angel, flared sides, and middle initial V indicate low-country and possibly The Netherlands. The tall bowl also features the dual reeding around the top edge and sides but shows no visible touch marks. And, while it was originally a “Welsh hat” made to fit a potty chair, its proportions and design really look great surrounded by the six matching beakers and ladle. (Plus, it’s a hoot to have the potty pan as a punch bowl!) There is the expected wear and a pinhole in the bowl’s bottom. The ladle is presented with a fiddle-handle, the matching pairs of dual reeding and, like the bowl, no touch mark. Finally, each piece had been etched by a previous caretaker with a previous owner’s collection number. The beakers stand 3 1/4“ tall and have 4 1/4” and 2 3/4“ diameters top and bottom, respectively. The ladle is 13” long and the bowl stands 8” tall with 12” and 5 1/2” diameters top and bottom, respectively. Circa 1800.

    We think the large bowl would be stunning with a large floral arrangement—florist suppliers carry clear plastic inserts of different sizes that would be great for this purpose. The little beakers could also hold flowers for individual table place settings.

    #6780    $950