The Lady & Her Hair Comb--Enchanting Portrait Miniature
  • The young lady in this portrait miniature is enchanting with her vibrant blue dress with demi-gigot sleeves (puffed and stuffed above the elbow and tight from the elbow to the wrist. Her dress is low and topped with darker blue sawtooth-like trim. The bodice is tight above the waist with the skirt being full and pleated where it gathers at her natural waist with a big silver or grey belt that is held with a big gold buckle. The lady wears no jewelry but for a huge, intricately carved tortoise shell hair comb that holds her black hair that is parted down the middle with the back pulled into a thick braid that wraps around her head just in front of the comb. The lady has pale skin that is truly illuminated by her black hair, dark eyes, brown background and vibrant blue of the dress. So many artists hid the hands because hands are difficult to paint but this artist had the lady bend her elbow so that we can see her porcelain-like hand which stands out from the blue. She really is remarkably beautiful and the anonymous artist took time showing us that beauty.

    She resides in a period dark stained square wood frame with an oval brass slip and slightly concave glass. The natural substrate of the painting is a tiny bit narrower than the frame aperture and, if you look closely, you can see the side edges of the substrate. However, the concave glass helps to camouflage the edge. The frame has a repaired crack at 12 o’clock. The repair is nicely colored to match the frame and it is not too noticeable. See the last photo where we had to tilt the frame to show you the repair. Framed size is 4.75” x 5.25” (not exactly square but it looks fairly square). The sight size is 2.25” x 2.75.” Circa 1820, likely Continental.

    Inv. #6829    $975