Watercolor Folk Portrait of Man with Beautiful Eyes
  • This is a lovely American School watercolor portrait that we love for the serenity in the young man’s face and those soulful brown eyes. The anonymous artist seems to have a light brush and yet the details are all exquisitely provided. The paleness of his skin is enhanced by a slight shine on the tip of his nose. His blond hair is styled in waves that sit highest on top of his head. A curl falls to his temple and, with the side whiskers that trail into the top of his stand-up collar, frame his face beautifully. His collar comes very high onto his cheeks and seems to be held up by his silk stock that is tied into a simple bow in front. The stock perfectly matches the color of his silk waistcoat. All of these details date this portrait to circa 1815. It is a softly stunning portrait that is accentuated by the Sully style water-gilded period frame. We love the way the gilt has worn down to the grey bole in some areas. Please do note that there is a repair to the gesso and gilt at 2 o’clock. This beautiful package measures 7 ¾” x 8 ½” with a sight size of 4 ½” x 5”.

    Inv. #7186    $1625