18th Century Antique Silhouette - Unusual Embellishment Method
  • Unusual French School silhouette of a lady. This 18th century profile is very nicely cut from a glossy blackened paper. The fine details of the woman’s clothing have been incised with a sharp, thin stylus and the flowers on her sprigged muslin cap are created with pinpricking. My understanding is that Continental silhouettists favored this method of embellishment. It is a really interesting and lovely method. The lady wears a buffon or neckerchief. Although covered by the lovely cap, the lady’s hairstyle appears to include a “banging chignon”, with is a thick loop of hair doubled back on itself. This hairstyle was popular circa 1770, which is the age estimate I am giving this silhouette. The silhouette is housed in a 19th century period bird’s-eye maple veneer frame with a gilt slip. The silhouette is in excellent condition. The frame has a bit of missing veneer on the edges where it won’t be noticeable while displayed on the wall. Framed size 7 1/8” x 6”.

    #5631     $875