Stunningly Embellished Full-length Silhouette of Beautiful Young Woman
  • The magic of this remarkable silhouette is its gilt and watercolor embellishment and its excellent condition, not to mention the profile of this exquisitely beautiful young woman. She poses in a puffed and stuffed sleeve dress (known as gigot or leg o’mutton sleeves) with a large scarf draped about her. Her hair is pulled back in a comb but for two perfect, loose ringlets between her ear and cheek. The artist adds a third dimension to this profile with watercolor of her shadow and scarf. The watercolor and gilt embellishment of her face and hair, her dress and her scarf bring her to life and her posture exudes self-confidence. This piece would make a great addition to a new or established collection at a very reasonable price point. This cut and paste silhouette is English, circa 1830. The dark wood (probably walnut) veneer frame measures 13 1/4“ by 10 1/8”, the sight size is 9 3/4“ by 6 5/8” and the piece has been conserved with acid free products.

    #7049    $950