Folk Art

Folk Art Face Mug by Grace Nell Hewell
  • Grace Nell Hewell married into the pottery business when she married Harold Hewell. Hewell Pottery in Gillsville, Georgia was founded in 1850. Grace mostly worked pots with her husband but she worked by herself on a few. Grace’s husband left her a widow in 2012. She continued to work at the pottery until cancer kept her from it. Grace died in 2016. Her pottery has been exhibited in many museums. This face mug is signed Grace Nell Hewell 11-12-1998 (or 1992). The other Hewell jug I’m listing is signed by both Grace Nell and Harold.

    #6604    $215

    Reference: Mooney, Claudia, Face Jugs: Art and Ritual, Milwaukee Art Museum blog; (In 1893, South Carolina plantation and pottery owner, Thomas Davies told author Edwin Atlee Barber that he remembered his slaves making face jugs during their free time in 1862.)