Folk Art

Late 16th to Early 17th Century Chip Carved Box with Iron Strap
  • This box has been in our collection for many years. The box itself was carved from one piece of wood—the slide top might be a different piece of wood. The ends were left raw, the inside shows heavy gouge marks and the rounded feet are extensions left as the bottom was gouged away. The box shows heavy use with much of the chip-carved decoration worn away. The slide top is divinely with the handle being just a bit off-shape. The edges of the lid show much wear and it is unclear whether the iron strap is original or added when the lid edges wore unevenly which would have made the lid wobbly. Whether the iron is original, it was put on the box centuries ago—note the hand-forged nails and the difference in wood color where the lid sits under the strap. The patina is beautifully oxidized with the most handled areas have a soft shine from the oils we all carry in our hands. The box measures 3.5” tall x 3” wide x 5.5" long, not including the lid. We think the heavy wear of the box enhances its intrinsic value. However, we have provided lots of pictures so you can assess its value to you. The box is most likely from the British Isles.

    Inv. #3508    $450