Early Lighting

19th Century Hogscraper Candleholder
  • 19th century iron hogscraper candlestick with hanging hook and push up tab that slides easily. The tab may have a maker’s mark but, if it does, that is mostly worn away. The bottom is secured with an early square nut and screw. There are remnants of original black paint and some rust where the paint has worn away. The lip of the drip collector is bent as shown in the photos. 6 ¼” tall x 4” diameter of the base. Do you know why these are called hogscraper? When I (Peggy) was coming up and into collecting Country antiques, we were told that the bottom of the candleholder was used to scrape the hair off a pig during butchering so that the hide could be treated and used for leather. The bottom does resemble a tool made specifically for hogscraping. It would be nice to think that this type of lighting served a duel purpose in every day rural life. We just aren’t sure whether it is true or just a good story.

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