Early Lighting

Circa 1700 Engraved Brass Candlestick
  • This is a highly unusual early brass candlestick with engraved decoration. The candlestick shows the French Huguenot styling that English and American Colonists craved—after all, the French have always been the height of fashion. The cut corner base and faceted candle-cup and the body from the top swell to just below the bottom swell or knop. It is extremely rare to find brass candlesticks with engraved decoration. The silver plating on the bottom of the stick indicates that it may have been completely silvered in its early life. Some of either the original silver-plating or metal polish has stayed behind in the engraving which helps to show it off. The only other time we have had engraved brass candlesticks, they were deaccessioned from Colonial Williamsburg. We are delighted to look at the archived photos of that pair and see that the pair were a match for this single candlestick except the engraving on the CW pair was worn much more than this candlestick, making the engraving on that other pair harder to see. This candlestick is a real rarity—we owned the deaccessioned pair for just short time in 2016. 7 ½” tall x 4 ½” x 4 1/8”. Forgive so many photos but we are showing all sides. There is possibly a very professionally done repair immediately under the knop. It is hard to see--so hard we aren't sure if it is really a repair or a figment of our imaginations because we are trying so hard to tell you any possible fault. Circa 1700--and in extremely good condition.

    #7274    $850