Paint Decoration

Small Oval Pantry Box with Grain Painting
  • Sweet little paint decorated pantry box that looks really great with the other we have listed. It is constructed with opposing finger-laps, metal tacks and little square wood pegs. Not sure if the paint decoration was put on when the box was made but it is nice old paint. You can see how the paint on the edges is worn where the box would have been held while opening and closing. There is less wear to the paint on top since that part of the box was seldom touched. The top has scratches and it is through the scratches that you can see that the paint was laid before the scratches—an indication of the age of the paint with regard to the age of the box construction. There is a little looseness where the sides are pegged to the top and bottom which is expected with the older boxes. This nice little mid- to late-19th century box measures only 4.75" long x 3.5" wide x 1.5" tall. It looks wonderful under the little stenciled box we are also offering.

    Inv. #6926    $450