Antique Needlework Picture, Silk on Laid Paper, Circa 1780
  • Stunning and rare treat is the best way to describe this delicate 18th century needlework on laid paper.  This outstanding embroidery picture is equally as beautiful from the front as it is from the back.  The piece is framed with glass on both the front and back so that you can view it from both sides.  The sampler picture has the feel of both a theorem painting and a Dutch still life with its attention to detail.  The basket of flowers sits upon a flamestitch tablecover, turned back to show top of the wood table and the top of a table leg with early Baroque (aka William & Mary) turnings.  The multi-colored basket is bursting with flowers such as roses, sweet peas, a lily and others.  Among the flowers are a butterfly and some kind of six-legged, winged long-bodied insect.  The silk threads of the needlework are intact and stunning with their muted colors.  The laid paper has scattered staining, paper losses (especially in three of the corners) and a horizontal crease across the center that has weakened the paper and caused a tear.  But, really, what more could you want or expect from a piece of 250 year old handmade paper that has been stuck with needles to produce this fabulous embroidery?  Framed in a period cushioned gilt frame with various scratches that measures 8 1/8" x 9 1/2".  The size of the glass is 6 5/8" x 8".   The frame is circa 1820.  However, this beautiful and rare embroidery is circa last quarter of the 18th century.

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