Commanding Sampler of Margaret Tyrer
  • This creative sampler features a large Georgian Period brick home with transom window over door. Margaret even included a door knocker on the house door! Most of the sampler is worked in cross-stitch but the unusual motifs at the bottom are worked in satin and chenille stitches to make them stand out. In the lower left corner, a satin-stitched ostrich stands under a branch with pendulous fruit worked in chenille. (When have you seen an ostrich in a sampler?!) In the lower right is a lioness under the branch of a different type with a big chenille flower. The chenille adds a three-dimensional touch while the satin-stitched animals (including two swans) and ground in front of house add a satiny boldness. Margaret used an exceedingly early and often published hymn about the virtue Wisdom to decorate her sampler and show that she was a moral and pious person. She decorated the edges of her sampler with a border of grape vines. Between her border and the large box enclosing the hymn, she used cross-stitch to create more-often seen motifs such as birds, flowers (both potted and floating alone), and compotes full of fruit. Margaret was a very clever and creative young lady. This commanding sampler resides in a period, ebonized, beaded wood frame measuring 24” x 28”. Condition is very good but for a bit of bleeding to some of the black threads, a repair to the canvas between the 6th and 7th line of text and a pulled thread on the body of the lioness. Margaret dated her sampler 1832. The poem in Margaret’s sampler reads:

    Wisdom has treasures greater far
        Than east or west unfold
    And her reward is more secure
        Than is the gain of gold
    In her right hand she holds to view
         A length of happy years
    And in her left the prize of fame
         And honor bright appears
    She guides the young with innocence
         In pleasures path to tread
    A crown of glory she bestows
         Upon the hoary head
    According to her labours rise
         So her rewards increase
    Her ways are ways of pleasantness
         And all her paths are peace

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