Collection of 19th c. Lace Baby Caps Lovingly Made for “Eliza Munger Silver’s Children”
  • An exceptional collection of five antique baby caps from the same family. These beautiful lace caps came from the original family, and are still together in the original mid-1800s polished chintz bag. Each cap is different, and they are in varying sizes. If you enjoy early clothing, this set of caps would be a true find for your collection. Inside the brown chintz bag, along with the caps, was a modern note saying, “Baby caps - Eliza Munger Silver’s children”. This note was in blue felt tip pen on a scrap of card, and was written in the 20th century. A quick genealogy search shows that Eliza M. Silver was born in Salem, New Hampshire on March 18, 1840, to Hiram and Adaline (née Dunn) Cole and died in Methuen, Massachusetts on January 27, 1923.

    These caps have adjustment ties in their hems, made to fit individually around a baby’s face. They show fabulous lace work and each is different with embroidery, inset lace, the finest netting and needle-lace. They are handmade and quite detailed. The largest is a mastery of lace with netting and fancy embroidery in a leaf and flower design, finished off with a ruffled netting along the bottom edge. Because they have been stored inside their original chintz bag, they are all in beautiful condition. We have found a couple of small holes in the cap we have labeled “e” and we point you to them with arrows in a couple of the photos. They show their one hundred years plus age in their soft ivory color. Size range from the newborn-sized cap of 4 ½” x 5” folded, to the largest at 5 ½” x 7”. The little brown bag measures 6 ¾” x 3 ¾”.

    #5088    $495