Early Silk Embroidered Nosegay with Hidden Frame-Maker Trade Label
  • Wonderful and early little embroidered picture of a nosegay of flowers of silk thread on silk fabric. This stunning little piece may have been part of something larger, possibly even cut from a piece of clothing. It is late 18th to early 19th century. The background silk has split in one corner—see the photo with arrows pointing the flaw. We hadn’t noticed the split until enlarging the pictures—it is inconsequential. The needlework is otherwise in lovely condition with some wrinkling. The back of the frame has been covered with brown paper but inside, the little picture is wrapped around a period card with the trade card of E. Willton. Willton was a framer of, among other things, “Ladies’ Needlework…”. He even sold “old Frames of every Description.” There is no way to know whether E. Willton originally framed this needlework but it is pretty cool to have the 19th century trade label hiding in the back. The needlework is currently in a period black painted frame that measures 6 1/8” x 5 5/8” with a sight size of 4” x 3 ½”. It is just a lovely piece that is easy to place in a collection—either hanging as part of a larger group or sitting on a table with a little easel.

    #7062    $595