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Antique Make Do Treen Bowl or Scoop
  • Great treen bowl or scoop with a make do whitesmithed handle. The patina and color of the wood are fabulous and the grain in the wood looks a bit like burl. If it is a burly, it’s not a heavily figured one but it’s a fantastic piece of wood just the same. The wood bowl was carved with a handle. The handle does not look like it was broken, so the make-do handle must have been added for extra comfort and a stronger grip while using the bowl. The entire make do is about 10” long x 6” at the widest point of the diameter x about 2 ½” deep. The bowl to the end of the original handle is about 8”. The metal handle is attached with two early flat head screws. As you can see, the wood has some cracks and there are lots of knife-marks and scrapes on the inside of the bowl to attest to its utilitarian use. The bowl is early 19th century, if not earlier and the make do repair is no later than mid-19th century.

    #3444    $350