Reverse-Painted Silhouette of Woman in Bonnet
  • American silhouette artists did not reverse-paint silhouettes on glass so we seldom get them and might just throw a party on those rare occasions we do! This lady is reverse-painted on convex glass and backed by the original backing card. Her face and dress are painted in solid black paint with her bonnet, pelisse and dress neckline are painted with a thinned pigment, applied with somewhat coarse hatching by brush. It has been suggested that this profile might have been painted by William Hamlet the Younger. However, the high crown to this woman’s bonnet indicates that she has a high hair know that the bonnet was made to cover. That hairstyle was popular in the 1820s to 1830s and William Hamlet the Younger died in 1815. Whoever painted this lady did a good job and we are pleased as punch to offer her to you. Her original papier mâché frame measures 4 ¼” x 5 ¼”. The frame edges have some bumps and there are some scratches to the front of the frame. The silhouette is in great condition. Circa 1825.

    #7192    $385