Antique Microbeaded Purse or Reticule In Great Muted Colors.
  • One of two antique Bohemian microbeaded purses or reticules that I'm listing today.  This little gem is in wonderful condition but for a few stray threads that surround the drawstring around the top.  You have to look closely to see the strays and it still holds the drawstring nicely.  I can't find any missing beads but my eyes aren't as good as they used to be....however, if there are missing beads, they are few and far between.  I love the colors of mustard, rose, blue, green, lavender and black.  This small purse has a lavender colored linen lining and a machine-embroidered tag that says "GERMANY".  The tag shows us that the purse was made after 1890, when the newly enacted McKinley Tariff Act required imported items to bear the name of the country of origin.  The Act was amended in 1921, thereafter requiring the items to say "Made In" as well as the country of origin.  So we know this purse was made between 1890 and 1921.  All of the photos on the right side are one side of the purse, and all on the left are the other side.  The very last photo shows both purses that I'm listing today.  4 3/4" tall x 3 1/4" wide.  This is a lovely little antique purse.

    (#4807)    $115

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